Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to the Not-So-Basics

Back in October, 2006, when I launched my business I decided to call it Sugar & Swank Lifestyle Management. I felt I could offer my clients more than just help with their skin and wanted to teach them how to live a Sugar & Swank lifestyle. My tagline was, "Don't Just Be. Be Sugar & Swank." (That's how my website became, not just Basically this meant teaching my clients ways to love, respect and care for themselves better.

Sugar & Swank's philosophy has never changed. But as Sugar & Swank's evolved over the years I've come to market "lifestyle management" less and skincare more:

Custom Blended Make-Up
Body Scrubs
Ear Piercing

And oh how I love these aspects of my Sugar & Swank. I mean it! I get to care for others while listening to soothing music in a cozy, yummy smelling room filled with my favorite decor.

But it is time to go back to the basics. Well, the no-so-basic-basics. I'm tired of people believing they are not good enough. I'm tired of people believing they are somehow failing someone or something in their lives. I'm tired of people believing they aren't worthy of love or respect. I want to care for people who are so spread thin giving to others they can't find a moment for themselves. I want to tell people to stop hating how they look. I want to tell people to stop hating their bodies - how can you hate your body when your heart pumps and your lungs expand and contract? And getting old is beautiful! Embrace it! In fact, embrace whatever it is that your hung-up on!

But I know it isn't so easy. And I hope I can help with the process by offering bits of advice and from spilling the beans on my own struggles.

From here on out you will notice my blogs once again reflecting the Sugar & Swank lifestyle.

In the meantime, take care . . . of yourself. And Don't Just Be. Be Sugar & Swank.

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