Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Surreal Moment on the 520 Bridge

Last week I was driving across the 520 bridge from Seattle to Bellevue. The wind was unreal. You could feel its pressure on the car and the lake looked like an ocean during a storm. Sloshing white caps were flinging spray onto windshields.

Up ahead, maybe 5 cars, a ladder suddenly blew off the top of a truck and landed perpindicular to the roadway. Drivers had to make a split second decision and were choosing to swerve around the ladder in order to avoid an accident. But how long could this go on before someone got hurt?

I checked my rearview mirror and saw I had some room between me and the car behind me. I slowed to a stop and the woman behind slowed as well. I got out of my car (on 520!) and motioned for the other lane of traffic to stop. Once it did I hurried to pick up the ladder and carry it off to the side. I had to go back a few more times to collect smaller pieces that had broken off in the fall.

Someone yelled out a thank you and when I looked back I could see rows and rows of cars lined up on the bridge waiting for me to finish. It was such a surreal moment.

I don't want to toot my own horn because if you read my "Dear Anne" blog below you'll learn that I once got in trouble for tooting my horn. But on the other hand, I am pretty proud of myself! Hopefully I helped save someone from either an accident or just an expensive bill from Les Schwab.

Samurai is Strong

It is time for me to write a few blogs, but tongue in cheek thoughts regarding all the waxing, facials, anti-aging and acne treatments that can be found at some spa on Mercer Island seem just a little unimportant after reading my friend's blog about her son Sam's fight against cancer.

I've known my friend, Jodilyn Owen, since we were babies and have watched her turn into a remarkable woman. Her dedication to her children, husband, extended family and friends is truly beyond compare. She, along with her amazing husband, Benjy, has been fighting for her son's life in a way you only hope you would if, heaven forbid, it was happening to you. And now, when it is most bleak and she's hoping for a miracle, she is demonstrating such grace. And gratefulness for the time she's had with Sam and the time she still has with him.

And talk about grace. Sam is a wonder! An example to all of us. He's a samurai. He's Samurai Strong!

I wish them a miracle. I wish them a miracle. I wish them a miracle. Wish them one too, please.