Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mercer Island Spa! Waxing! Facials! Make-Up!

They might sit on your porch. They might be sitting in your garage. If they're still outside in the plastic bags in which they were delivered I'm guessing they've gathered some rain. Likely they only make it indoors when someone little comes over for dinner and needs a booster seat at the dinner table. One thing is for sure, over a year's time you'll get no less than 6 delivered to your home and you'll use no more than 1. Or none. And to what am I referring? Why the Yellow Pages, of course! With so much information right at our fingertips most of us just don't have the need or patience to flip through them anymore.

Before watching last night's American Idol Results Show (where the sweet Danny Gokey got kicked off) I was doing some work in the living room on my laptop. Once the show started I signed off and closed the computer. A few minutes into the show my husband asked Paula Abdul's age. I flipped the computer open and found the answer in seconds (She turned 47 in February.) then closed the computer again. Too soon, because then we wanted to figure out the name of Katy Perry's second hit song. Not "I Kissed a Girl." The other one. So I opened the computer back up. 5 seconds later we had our answer: "Hot N Cold." We watched the video during a commercial break then closed the computer again. I should have just left it open.

"What time do we leave for Palm Springs next week?" my husband asked. Computer back open. Found the answer in just under a minute.

Sure these aren't questions with which you'd search the Yellow Pages. But for answers to true Yellow Page questions . . . you can find them even faster! And with more specifics and detail.
Best Local Dry Cleaner on Mercer Island: Corry's
Best Florist on Mercer Island: Mercer Island Florist
Restaurants on Mercer Island: You get a whole list with addresses and phone numbers
Best Facial on Mercer Island: Um. Wait. Sugar & Swank's not on the list. Uh oh.

If I'm right about people not using the Yellow Pages anymore - if I'm right that they Google instead - I need to quickly fix the fact that Sugar & Swank isn't coming up under Best Facial on Mercer Island. But how?

It turns out to impress Google I'd have been a lot smarter to name my business something like, "Spa Spa Spa Mercer Island," or "Facial Waxing Spa Mercer Island," or "Hair Removal Mercer Island." Lame.

When I chose to name my business Sugar & Swank I thought it was fun and catchy. And to feel Sugary and Swanky - what a great combination, right? When you work with me it is a sweet experience - one that leaves you feeling light, happy and yummy. And my treatments are swanky - luxurious, top of the line. You leave feeling updated, modern, hip and posh.

How could I have named it something boring like, "Brazilian Wax Here," or "Ear Piercing," or "Make Up Artistry?"

I couldn't have. So Sugar & Swank it stays. (Sometimes Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa or sometimes Sugar & Swank Day Spa.) And so begins my fight to get "The Sugar & Swank Skincare Day Spa Spa" higher billing on a Google search.

Hopefully in the next few weeks you'll see Sugar & Swank creep up in the listings. It is crucial because the truth is I'm right. Right that these days people use online search engines to find what they need. And no one wants to even "flip" an internet page, so if Sugar & Swank's not right up at the top, or at least on the first page of listings, I won't get the business. And that is a shame because I really do give the best facial on Mercer Island.

In fact, one client said, "Jennifer, I've been to spas all over the world and this is the very best facial I've ever had."

What makes my facials so much better than another is that when I treat you, everything you experience is centered around making you feel comfortable and relaxed. But everything I'm treating you with is centered around making positive and dramatic changes in your skin. So you leave feeling spoiled, indulged and pampered! But when you look in the mirror, sometimes right after, sometimes a few days later, you think, "WOW!"

Come in and see for yourself. In fact, if you mention this blog I'll give you $20 off a $90 facial. Or a free anti-aging or acne peel add-on ($20 value) to go with your $90 facial.

I hope to see you at Mercer Island Spa Spa Spa. Or should I call it Mercer Island Facial Facial Facial? Of course Mercer Island Wax Wax Wax has a certain ring to it. Wait, I got it! Mercer Island Facial Waxing Make-Up and Ear Piercing Day Spa.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Check Your Boobies!

The other night my son stayed home with a babysitter while my husband and I went to Heike Malakoff's Check Your Boobies fundraiser. My son is a pretty easy-going kid . . . when he's not tired. But when he's tired, um, well . . . I'm not saying he's always going to be a bear. Sometimes he even gets into that slap-happy mode and he's pretty funny. But if something should frustrate him, such as his Legos falling apart, watch out. Sadly for the sitter, the Lego creation he was building around 10 pm did, indeed, fall apart.

I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too. Why was he playing Legos at 10 pm? But that's neither here nor there. I'm just laying out the facts, and the facts are that at 10 pm his Legos fell apart and, as I said before, the kid's pretty easy-going until he's tired and his Legos fall apart. So guess what happened? Apparently he had a big doozie of a tantrum.

When we got home an hour later he was laying on our bed under a blanket. Awake. And as fragile as ever. His eyes, as big as saucers, welled up with tears when he saw us.

"Mom," he sobbed. "I totally froaked."


"You froaked? What does that mean?"

"You know, I got upset and I froaked," he explained.

"I'm still not understanding."

"I was building my Lego Aqua Blaster and I was almost done and then the whole thing broke and I started freaking out. I froaked."


So now I ask you, beauty-wise, have you ever froaked? Over a pimple? Wrinkles? Some very hairy brows that need to be waxed? At Mercer Island's Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa it is my job to help ensure you have no reason to ever froak again. Because at the Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa I work hard to meet all your skincare needs. You can expect a relaxing, calming experience and amazing results.

OK. I take it back. You may froak again. But only because you're so dang happy with how you feel and with the way your skin looks after visiting Sugar & Swank.

I will wax you anywhere you need to be waxed at the Sugar & Swank Day Spa. You name it! Brow Waxing. Facial Waxing. Ear Waxing. Nose Waxing. Chin Waxing. Chest Waxing. Tummy Waxing. Bikini Waxing. Brazilian Waxing. Leg Waxing. Arm Waxing. Toe Waxing.

The Sugar & Swank Spa can also help you get any pimple/acne situation under control with some super-effective acne facial treatments.

Worried about wrinkles? Visit the Sugar & Swank Day Spa for an age fighting peel or facial.

And Sugar & Swank is the only spa in Seattle that has the ultimate key to the most even complexion you can imagine. Custom-Blended Mineral Make-Up. I'm not kidding. Your skin will look Hollywood Starlet healthy and smooth, but you don't even feel like you're wearing make-up. And the best part is that you get to look fantastic while the minerals feed your skin nutrients, reflect the sun away from your skin and help fight skin cancer.

How bout some take-home treatments. Sugar & Swank sells Dermaware, a dramatically effective skincare line that can help you achieve and/or maintain amazing skincare results at home.

The point is, with Sugar & Swank around you'll never have to say you froaked when you looked in the mirror!

And while we're on the subject of not froaking. Heike Malakoff is working tremendously hard to raise money to help prevent and cure breast cancer around the world. To hear you or someone you love has cancer is, in all seriousness, a time one would really have reason to froak. Heike is taking great measures to make sure as few people as possible ever have to face that kind of news. If you're interested in joining Heike book a Check Your Boobies party for your friends and family. Or donate to help the cause. To learn more visit

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sugar & Swank Spa Join Forces with Harmony Day Spa

Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa joined forces with Harmony Day Spa in February of 2009. It is truly a harmonious home for the Sugar & Swank Skincare Day Spa. Nestled inside the little green house in the middle of First Hill on Mercer Island, Sugar & Swank has a cozy room from which Sugar & Swank's owner, Jennifer Muscatel, can wax, facial and perform all sorts of other skincare treatments.

Look for the purple Sugar & Swank signs at 7418 SE 24th, Mercer Island.

Visit for more information on products and services offered.

Ordering Dermaware

Years ago before I worked in the skincare industry I would go to Gene Juarez for facials. I absolutely fell in love with Dermaware, a product line they used to carry. No matter the Dermaware product I used I noticed the most positively dramatic results in the appearance of my skin. So when it came time to choose a product line for my business I didn't think twice. Dermaware it was. Gene Juarez no longer carries Dermaware, but their clients call on me to supply them with the good stuff! In fact, I receive orders on a daily basis from people all over the country who have run out of their favorite Dermaware products, can't go without and need me to ship them more.

Speaking of ordering and shipping Dermaware product, my general shipping turnaround on orders is same or next day. If you live nearby you're likely get your product 24-hours after ordering it! You can also expect your package to arrive neatly and professionally packed.

Anyway, back to the Dermaware. You can check the Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa website for product information and to order. You can also read below.

Facial Cleansers

Anti-Oxidant Cleanser - Age Control
Skin Type: Safe and effective for all. Will not cause breakout. Does not overcleanse.
A gentle, thorough oil and soap free cleanser that contains anti-oxidant vitamins A, C and E to help fight the free radicals that cause our skin to age. Also contains Lactic Acid, a natural exfoliant which encourages dead cells to slough off so newer, fresher cells can emerge.
$30 |

Deep & Clear Cleanser - Supports Oily or Acneic Skin
Skin Type: Treats skin prone to regular breakout
A deep and exfoliating cleanser containing Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Lactic Acid - all of which cleanse deep in the poors to clear and prevent acne. While this cleanser is anti-septic, conditioning glucans soften the skin, balancing any harsh reactions.
$31 |

Foaming Creme Cleanser Shine Control

Skin Type: All skin types. Helps maintain skin which suffers from mild or occasional breakout but is most often clear.
A very gentle yet effective cleansers that contains Salicylic Acid, vanilla and raspberry which thoroughly cleanse pores. Sensitive enough for daily use.
$31 |

Heavy Cream Cleanser Hydration Control

Skin Type: Dehydrated and Mature
This thick, rich and creamy anti-oxidant cleanser contains natural hydrators such as Elder Flower, Chamomile, Lavender and olive emollients. Also contains soothing and healing anti-irritants such as Allantoin, Calendula, Comfrey and Azulene. Not only does this cleanser thoroughly clean the skin, but it also feeds and protects it.
$31 |

Pure & Gentle Cleanser
Skin Type: Sensitive or Maintaining
Perfect cleanser for teens or for those sensitive to "too much." Gentle, pure and refreshing ingredients effectively cleanse the skin while soothing Chamomile, Elder Flower, Cucumber, Comfrey and Aloe soothe and protect it.
$27 |

Delicate Balance Toning Hydrating Firming
Skin Type: All
The skin needs to maintain a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 in order to stay balanced. This toner perfectly equilibrates the skin via hydrating and plumping Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, and Borage Phospholipids. At the same time, Elder Flower, Chamomile, Comfrey and Calendula soothe and calm. This ideal toner also provides anti-oxidant protection and boosts the skin's natural repair mechanism.
Can be used as a moisturizer for those who prefer light, non-creamy moisturizers or as a cool, moisturizing post-shaving gel for men.
$29 |

Oil Balance Toner
Skin Type: Oily or Acneic
Dermaware combined anti-bacterial agents such as Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid with soothing Azulene and Allantoin to create a cooling, purifying gel that effectively cleanses pores and removes excess oils and impurities. Good for those with oily or acneic skin or for cleansing the face after extractions.
$29 |

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer Daily Hydration - Regular or Oil Free
Skin Type: Ideal for all
Sugar & Swank's top selling moisturizer and Jennifer's personal favorite.
This moisturizer is chock full of Anti-Oxidant Vitamins A,B,C,D,E which fight free radicals and help skin cells regenerate. Rich, emollient ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Borage and Evening Primrose Oil provide amazing hydration while anti-irritants such as Chamomile and Alpha-Bisabolol calm and soothe the skin. Want more? This moisturizer is also filled with regeneration activators like Sea Algae that tell new cells to hurry up and show off how plump and hydrated they are - good health that's reflected right on the surface of your skin.

Extreme Creme

Skin Type: Mature or dehydrated skin
This thick, rich, emollient, butter-like cream seals in natural moisture while sealing out environmental extremes that cause skin to dehydrate. It delivers anti-oxidants, fights free radicals, stabilizes hormones and nourishes the skin in an extremely positive way. Some of the fabuous ingredients: Co-Enzyme Q-10, Copper, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamins A, E adn B5, Green Tea, Soy, Hemp, Squalene, Borage, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Elder Flower and Chamomile.
$50 |

Perfect Fit Hydrator
Skin Type: Those maintaining healthy, balanced skin
A light, simple daily gel-like moisturizer that stimulates collagen production and provides plumping youth peptides and anti-oxidant vitamins. While this hydrator allows skin to appear healthy, rejuvenated and hydrated it is best suited for teens. Mature skin would do better with a heavier dose of the more extreme ingredients found in some of the other moisturizers.

Wrinkle Recovery Moisturizer

Skin Type: Mature or severely dehydrated skin
Dehydrated skin is one of the most common reasons our skin ages because there's simply less hydration to plump up and fill out the wrinkles. The fix to this problem is actually an easy one - just hydrate the skin! Drinking more fluids, intaking free fatty acids and using a heavy moisturizer like this one are the first steps on your road to Wrinkle Recovery. And this is one seriously rich and emollient cream - the thickest, most hydrating Dermware offers. Olive, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid, Peach and tons of nourishing vitamins work together to replenish severely dehydrated skin.
$50 |

Screenplay SPF 30 Sunscreen
Skin Type: All. And I mean all! Because we all need to be using sunscreen.
There are two types of sunscreens, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens absorb the sun's rays while physical sunscreens effectively reflect the sun's rays away from the skin like a mirror. Newer research shows chemical sunscreens, which we most commonly use, are actually helping skin cells generate copious amounts of free radicals. Free radicals confuse cells, causing them to mutate. Mutating, confused cells turn into cancerous cell. This is exactly why we need to be using physical sunscreens - and thankfully Dermware provides one. Better yet, Screenplay not only protects the skin from the sun but nourishes and hydrates it - via Plant Glucans, Cucumber, Green Tea, Chamomile, Vitamin C and several Natural Humectants - at the same time.
$44 |

VITal C Intensive Cream
Skin Type: Mature, Dehydrated and Sun Damaged Skin
Dermware's top selling moisturizer - people swear by it! Where to begin? This cream:
Reduces discoloration and blotchiness due to sun damage, age or misuse of AHA's
Evens out skin tone
Tightens and tones collagen and elastin
Provides extreme hydration
Provides anti-oxidant protection against free radicals
Supplies a glow!
$75 |

Anti-Aging Lip Balm
Contains Retinol, Vitamin C and Vitamin A
Lessens lines around lips
Soothes, hydrates and nourishes lips
$20 |

Eye C Eye Care Eye Cream - Vitamin C Plus
Skin Type: All
Worried about dark circles under your eyes? How bout puffiness or bags? This eye cream targets both via soothing, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating ingredients such as Allantoin, Comfrey, Cucumber, Chamomile, Calendula, Elder Flower, Vitamins C, A and E, Borage, Evening Primrose and Witch Hazel. Great for use on lips too.
$40 |

Exfoliating Tools
You've gotta exfoliate your skin! Exfoliating encourages dead skin cells to slough off sooner so newer, healthier cells are able emerge more quickly. This allows the plump, glowing skin hiding inside to finally come out.

Nitty Gritty Facial Scrub
- All Skin Types, Oil Free
Nitty Gritty is a non-abrasive, non-drying scrub that leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated.
$16 |

End of the Line AHA Gel or Lotion - Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids
Mild, Medium or Strong
Skin Type: Not appropriate for teenage skin
A little extra boost to help your skin better exfoliate. Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin's color, tone and texture and reduces appearance of damage caused by the sun. Put a little on before bed and let it go to work overnight.
Gel |
Lotion |

Facial Masks
Clean Slate Mask with Purifying Sea Clay
Skin Type: Skin needing some purification.
Fighting congestion in your skin? Let this Sea Clay and Zinc laced mask draw out and remove excess oils and impurities while it detoxifies and refines your skin. No worries about harsh effects or overdrying because it is balanced with soothing, hydrating and softening ingredients like Aloe, Cucumber, Sea Algae, Chamomile, Comfrey and Elder Flower.
$27 |

Flower Power Mask
Skin Type: All
The perfect mask to comfort, calm, heal and nourish yourself while doing the same for your skin. Contains Chamomile, Azulene, Aloe, Bisabalol, Elder Flower and Cornflower.
$27 |

Body Cleansers
Inner Peace Bath & Shower Gel
A Sugar & Swank staple! The geranium, rose and lavender scent turns your bath or shower into a spa-like experience while leaving your skin soft, smoothe and refreshed. It seriously promotes inner peace!
$26 |

Skinny Dip Bath & Shower Gel
Grapefruit, cypress and juniper stimulate and detoxify while improving cellulitis.
$26 |

Body Moisturizers
Healing Powers - Oil Free
Packed full of rich, emollient goodies that moisturize and soothe dry skin. Not over-greasy, it penetrates quickly. Great for calming and hydrating skin after sun.
Scents: Unscented, French Lavender, Romance (Chocolate Raspberry)
Unscented |
French Lavender |
Romance |

Body Scrubs
Sugar & Spice Hand and Body Scrub
So yummy! Try it after shaving - skin gets so smoothe! Contains Natural and Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Sandalwood Spices, Emollient Oils (Hemp, Soy, Wheat Germ), Chamomile and Shea Butter.

Love Glow Body Scrub
OMG! Lavender, jasmine, ylang ylang makes this scrub smell so lovely! Sloughs dead skin and provides a healthy glow.
$32 |

Waxing on Mercer Island at The Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa

Did you know you can find expert and precise waxing at the Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa on Mercer Island? Clients have found that after having their brows done regularly by the owner, Jennifer Muscatel, that even strangers are stopping them on the street to compliment their brows.

Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience that produces serious results.

Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa
7418 SE 24th
Mercer Island, WA


In addition to seeing Blue Man Group on our trip to NY (See blog post below for more information.) Jim and I wanted to be sure to see In the Heights and Avenue Q.

After blowing our theater budget on In the Heights (3rd row center, come on!) we wanted to see Avenue Q at a really, really good price. So we decided to try to win the Broadway lottery.

Here's how it works: Choose the show you want to see, show up at the theater between 5:30 and 6 pm to drop your name (specifying if you want 1 or 2 seats) in a hat, then stand and wait with the competition to see if you've won a $25 front row seat.

We were running really late and didn't get to the Avenue Q theater until 5:54 pm. 6 minutes to spare!

We made our way through the crowd of people waiting for the drawing to begin and ran inside to write our names on slips of paper, noting that we would want 2 seats should we win. We dropped our slips in right at 5:55 pm (Jim's lucky number is 5-5-5) then went outside to wait.

We could feel everyone's eyes on and could literally sense their angry thoughts. "We've been waiting forever and now these two show up! And at the last minute!"

"So is this the competition?" I questioned loudly to the crowd. Some people chuckled. Most just stared.

Well, guess who won? Jim did! We were stunned, thrilled and so excited to hear his name called! We were goin to see Avenue Q from the front row for just $25 a ticket! Plus it was pretty fun to beat the people who were staring us down - those who didn't want us to win.

But you know what else was really great? They called 5 other names, as well, and gave away 12 seats total. We got to know some of the other winners and were really happy for them. Because winning doesn't always mean that other people have to lose, right?

I'm noticing that on Mercer Island with regards to my business, Sugar & Swank. There's a lot of spa competition on this island. There's a lot of people who know how to wax. There's a lot of people who can give a facial. And to ensure Sugar & Swank wins doesn't mean that the competition has to lose. We can all win.

But let me tell you why, if I were you, I'd choose Sugar & Swank over the others. While I may not offer some of the fluff of a big spa, I most certainly offer the utmost in expert skincare.

I studied skin at the top holistic skincare academy in the world and graduated at the top of my class. (In fact I earned a 103% on my final exam!) The education I garnered went way beyond, "Here's how you give a facial. Here's how you wax."

I was taught expert technique. I was taught proper sanitary procedures. And most critically, I was taught how to diagnose and best care for the skin. The combination of my education with my instinctive ability to know, understand and treat the skin makes me a really powerful esthetician.

As the Sugar & Swank tag line states, "Indulge in Luxury. Experience Results." A Sugar & Swank treatment is luxurious and yes, includes fluff! You will be cared for, pampered and spoiled because let's face it, fluff's nice! But more importantly, when you leave Sugar & Swank your skin will absolutely reflect the positive results of your appointment.

Check out to take a look at

I Love My Husband & He Loves Us

My husband, Jim, and I recently took a trip to New York. An official honeymoon. It was the first trip since we'd met two and a half years earlier that we'd ever taken alone. It makes sense when you think about it. I'd been a single mom for five years by the time Jim came into the picture. Up until that point my son and I did everything together - just the two of us. I wasn't suddenly going to ditch him - leave him home with a sitter so I could do things with someone else that I used to do with him. And I couldn't imagine not sharing the experiences with him. He was even there when Jim proposed to me on the Prime Meridian in England and came with us to Hawaii right after our November wedding. Thankfully my thought process with regards to sharing life with my son - our son - makes sense to Jim. He gets it. He gets us.

So back to that trip we took alone. Our honeymoon. We were able to go alone because my son was going with his dad to visit family in Baltimore. It only made sense that if he was away we should take advantage of the opportunity. My dad had offered us a beautiful NY apartment in which we could stay free of charge, so we booked our tickets and started making plans. But how could I go to the Statue of Liberty without my son? Or the Empire State Building?

Enter Google. Did you know that Baltimore is only a 4-hour car ride from NY? And on the way there are a lot of great places, such as Philadelphia's Liberty Bell and the country's oldest jail, to stop?

The funny thing is I always said the man I married the second time around wouldn't mind if my son came with us on our honeymoon. Let me tell you what a good man Jim is. He not only didn't have a problem with my son coming, he didn't have a problem with my ex-husband and my ex-in-laws coming, as well! I know, I know. I'm a nut. But it wasn't for the entire time, just for about 36 hours!

Together we visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Eli was sick with a cold so I took him back to the apartment while my in-laws did their thing and my new husband and former husband toured Chelsea together. We all met up again that evening to see The Blue Man Group. Everyone loved it, but my son's a percussionist so it was especially exciting for him. We then shared a little post-theater dinner with the family, had a slumber party (with just my son) at our apartment, and got back together again the next morning for a visit to the Empire State Building. (Would you believe we ran into one of my son's classmates at the top?) We then went took a subway to Bleeker street, had lunch, then walked through SoHo. They left that evening and Jim and I returned to our official honeymoon.

So I love my husband. Because he loves us. And we all, my ex-husband and his family included, really love my son. We wouldn't hang out together if we didn't, right? But we all want to be around him and we all want to make his life easier, so we do.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Facial and Waxing Specials on Mercer Island

Blah, blah, blah. The economy this and Swine Flu (finally a name worse than Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that. Whaddya say you put away the worries and focus on something really important . . . YOURSELF! That's right - I'm giving you permission to stop thinking about others for a minute and to start focusing on yourself instead. Trust me - remembering to practice Self Care is the secret key to positively navigating through these tough and stressful times.

Imagine taking a break from it all. You lay down in a cozy bed with candles flickering around you. Soft sounds of the ocean will soothe you into a deep sleep while you get your skin cleaned, your shoulders rubbed and your hands and arms massaged?

Now be careful here, friend. I'm transitioning to a new and not so relaxing topic, but a topic that needs to be discussed. Tell me, are you keeping up with your waxing? Brow waxing? Lip waxing? Bikini waxing? Brazilian Waxing? Leg Waxing? Arm Waxing? Underarm Waxing? What have you been putting off?

Sugar & Swank, right here on Mercer Island, wants you to relax! And Sugar & Swank, right here on Mercer Island, doesn't want you to get overly hairy! So Sugar & Swank has a proposition:

Buy 6 facials in advance and pay only $55 per facial instead of the regular price of $90. That means you'll get 6 facials for just $330 instead of for $540. Ask for the package for Mother's Day! Because this package means you're making a commitment to Self Care. It means that you're really going to start seeing a difference in your skin because consistency is what counts with regards to skincare. It means you're going to get to lay in that cozy bed at least 6 times in the near future.

Now for the waxing special. A regularly priced brow wax at Sugar & Swank is $20. You'll get 12 brow waxes for $10 each! That's 50% off! So book a brow wax a month (you come that often anyway) for $120 instead of $240! Lip waxes? $7.50 each when you buy 12 in advance. That's $90 for the year instead of $180. Do you regularly wax other areas of your body? Sugar & Swank will work out a waxing discount that makes sense for you.

In short, remember to remember yourself. Take (Self) Care!