Monday, May 4, 2009


In addition to seeing Blue Man Group on our trip to NY (See blog post below for more information.) Jim and I wanted to be sure to see In the Heights and Avenue Q.

After blowing our theater budget on In the Heights (3rd row center, come on!) we wanted to see Avenue Q at a really, really good price. So we decided to try to win the Broadway lottery.

Here's how it works: Choose the show you want to see, show up at the theater between 5:30 and 6 pm to drop your name (specifying if you want 1 or 2 seats) in a hat, then stand and wait with the competition to see if you've won a $25 front row seat.

We were running really late and didn't get to the Avenue Q theater until 5:54 pm. 6 minutes to spare!

We made our way through the crowd of people waiting for the drawing to begin and ran inside to write our names on slips of paper, noting that we would want 2 seats should we win. We dropped our slips in right at 5:55 pm (Jim's lucky number is 5-5-5) then went outside to wait.

We could feel everyone's eyes on and could literally sense their angry thoughts. "We've been waiting forever and now these two show up! And at the last minute!"

"So is this the competition?" I questioned loudly to the crowd. Some people chuckled. Most just stared.

Well, guess who won? Jim did! We were stunned, thrilled and so excited to hear his name called! We were goin to see Avenue Q from the front row for just $25 a ticket! Plus it was pretty fun to beat the people who were staring us down - those who didn't want us to win.

But you know what else was really great? They called 5 other names, as well, and gave away 12 seats total. We got to know some of the other winners and were really happy for them. Because winning doesn't always mean that other people have to lose, right?

I'm noticing that on Mercer Island with regards to my business, Sugar & Swank. There's a lot of spa competition on this island. There's a lot of people who know how to wax. There's a lot of people who can give a facial. And to ensure Sugar & Swank wins doesn't mean that the competition has to lose. We can all win.

But let me tell you why, if I were you, I'd choose Sugar & Swank over the others. While I may not offer some of the fluff of a big spa, I most certainly offer the utmost in expert skincare.

I studied skin at the top holistic skincare academy in the world and graduated at the top of my class. (In fact I earned a 103% on my final exam!) The education I garnered went way beyond, "Here's how you give a facial. Here's how you wax."

I was taught expert technique. I was taught proper sanitary procedures. And most critically, I was taught how to diagnose and best care for the skin. The combination of my education with my instinctive ability to know, understand and treat the skin makes me a really powerful esthetician.

As the Sugar & Swank tag line states, "Indulge in Luxury. Experience Results." A Sugar & Swank treatment is luxurious and yes, includes fluff! You will be cared for, pampered and spoiled because let's face it, fluff's nice! But more importantly, when you leave Sugar & Swank your skin will absolutely reflect the positive results of your appointment.

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