Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Starjuice Aromatherapy's Darcey Pickard - Before & After Pictures - Pretty Either Way

Recently I had the honor to do a makeover on Darcey Pickard, owner of Starjuice Aromatherapy, one of my favorite companies around! Darcey blends oils and essences to create formulas that smell great and truly benefit the user. Before blending full-time, Darcey was a Licensed Massage Practitioner for nearly 10 years. After such a long time in the industry, she saw a need for really high quality body care products rooted in the history and tradition of aromatherapy.

Thus, she created Starjuice Aromatherapy, holistic care for the 21st century, which offers uniquely packaged, fresh, personally created aromatherapy products like stellar spritzers, cosmic sugar scrubs and more.

Darcey's Starjuice Philosophy: "I've always believed in holistic health - treating the whole person and unlocking people's innate power to heal themselves. Starjuice enables me to share this philosophy with the world."

Learn more about Darcey and Starjuice Aromatherapy at or meet Darcey in person at the upcoming Sugar & Swank event on October 3rd at 7 pm at the Sugar & Swank Studio. 3418 77th Place SE, Mercer Island.

RSVP to Jennifer Muscatel at or 206-351-3213

I've Been Sugar & Swanking for Years

When I think about it, I realize I've been Sugar & Swanking from the get-go. I've always loved clothes and make-up. My parents only believed I was really sick when I would turn down a trip to the mall. Speaking of shopping, when I was about 12, Guess? debuted their zipper jeans and I just had to have a pair. My parents didn't believe in spending $50 on a pair of jeans (who would have thought jeans would one day cost $250 or more?) so the answer was continually "no". Finally, on a trip to New York City my dad told me that if I could go 10 seconds without laughing while he tickled my arm he'd buy me anything I wanted. He knew it'd be the Guess? jeans - but looking back I should have gone for something much bigger and better. In any case, it took a few days until I managed not to laugh for a whole 10 seconds but when I finally did, we went over to Bergdorf Goodman to choose the jeans. My parents decided that I couldn't get denim, only a dressier pink pair, and I was only allowed to wear them to nicer events, never to school. I remember almost not wanting them, they seemed so dorky compared to denim, but I wound up wearing them whenever I could. (I finally got a hand-me-down denim pair from my friend, Jennie Burns.)

If I couldn't dress myself exactly the way I wanted, I could certainly dress up my Barbies. I'd spend hours playing with the tall, slender, beautifully coiffed dolls while chewing sugar-free bubblegum and listening to Michael Jackson, Billy Joel or Weird Al Yankovic. More than once did these sweet ladies find their plastic hair hardened and burned when I tried to further style their hair with a curling iron. But their outfits were always to die for!

Just yesterday an old friend, Sy Fischer, sent an email reminding me that I've always understood how to dress people, not just dolls. I met Sy and his wife, Joyce, in 1996 when I was working at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta during the Olympic Games. Sy and Joyce were living in Tennessee at the time but had come to town, not for the Olympics, but so Joyce could have surgery. Sy was so consumed with worry that he left his entire garment bag at home in his closet. They stopped off at the mall, found parking in front of Neiman Marcus and planned to walk through it on their way to a less expensive store where they could find a few new pieces for Sy to wear while Joyce was treated. That is, until they met me. I quickly took the Fischers under my wing and found Sy several reasonably priced and fashionable selections that fit him perfectly. We completely hit it off and began a lifelong friendship that includes regular e-mail correspondence and visits across the country.

Dear Jen,

What a WONDERFUL idea! How I wished I lived closer so I too could have you, once again as my ”personal shopper”. Do you remember how we first met? In Atlanta, 1996 (can you believe it?) when Joyce was scheduled for surgery and I was so nervous, I left my clothes hanging in our closet in Knoxville.

I’ll never forget it. We walked into Neiman Marcus on our way in to the Mall. As we walked through the Men’s Department, we were greeted by this lovely young woman who asked if she could be of any help. (That, of course, was you.)

I told her about my problem and said that I didn’t think Neiman’s was best place for me to shop for casual clothes that I would use only for sitting in the hospital waiting room. You told me that the store was having a great sale and asked if you could show me a few things. Off you went and the next thing I knew, here you were with everything I needed – and at very reasonable, sale prices. You told me that you could further accommodate us by having the needed alterations done in about an hour. WOW! Talk about outstanding service! Of course, everything you picked out was perfect and we bought it all. As promised, an hour later, we returned to the store and my clothes were ready for me to pick up.

I guess that helping people is just "your thing". I know I'll never forget it! Of course, from that day on, we have been best friends. Thanks for being a part of my life!



It was a treat to read Sy's email and know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. We each have to find what we are passionate about and pursue it. To some I'm sure it sounds vain, silly or mundane, but I've always been passionate about using fashion and beauty to help others improve how they feel about themselves. Sugar & Swank is the perfect vehicle to help me continue to explore this passion.

October 3rd Sugar & Swank Event Guest Featured in Seattle Weekly

Jennifer Worick, the special guest at the upcoming October 3rd Sugar & Swank event was recently featured in the Seattle Weekly. I'm not sure if the writer of the article really got Jennifer. To me she is the real-life Carrie Bradshaw. A woman with a voice that speaks to other women - probably because of her love, support and caring for women and all things girly. She's worked hard to publish 21 books and takes her profession very seriously. Most of all she's a total hoot and is fun and easy to be around. Read below and let me know if you think if Brian Miller from the Seattle Weekly got that. Better yet, come by on October 3rd to meet Jennifer in person and draw your own conclusions.

7 pm at the Sugar & Swank Studios on Mercer Island. 3418 77th Place SE. RSVP to Jennifer Muscatel at or 206-351-3213.

Seattle’s Busiest Author Has No Time for the “I Have a Burning Need to Express” School of Literature
By Brian Miller

Attention, J.D. Salinger and all you authors out there who have trouble completing more than one book a decade (or three). Jennifer Worick has little patience for you because she's too busy getting published—about 20 books, by her count, over the past half-dozen years. She's the first to admit that tally comes mostly as co-author of various short guides and humor books, often based on ideas not her own. But lately, she's been the one out there flogging The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex at remote college campuses. "I'm huge in Kentucky this year," she says, laughing, while sitting at Zeitgeist Coffee, on a break from touring.

For Worick, the question is not whether the world wants to read another sensitive, coming-of-age account about an aspiring writer living in the heartland and her issues with her mother. Instead: Ask whether there's an identifiable book-buying demo of readers who, when confronted with a display at Barnes & Noble for Nancy Drew's Guide to Life, might think, "Hey, I used to love those books as a girl, and this looks funny." (Sample wisdom: "When bound and gagged, you can still tap out HELP in Morse code." Whether this applies to S&M is not addressed.)

Worick has identified those readers, learned to match marketing niche with subject and author, based largely on her background in publishing. "That was my favorite part of the job—brainstorming," she recalls. Based here in the '90s with Kirkland's Becker & Mayer! (a division of Chronicle Books), she then went back East to edit at an imprint of Perseus Books. There, she recalls, she got roped into contributing to the first Worst-Case Scenario guides because the two male co-creators "thought they needed a single woman for publicity purposes. That just led to me quitting my job." She finally went pure freelance and returned to Seattle two years ago. Today her bailiwick is "nonfiction humor books for women," encompassing other tongue-in-cheeky titles like The Action Heroine's Handbook, The Stuntwoman's Workout, and Girls' Night In: Spa Treatments at Home. (Hey, a freelancer's gotta eat!)

This fall, the Wallingford-based Worick has two titles out, one of them from Skipstone. (No, that's not a software company, arms manufacturer, or subprime lender; it's Mountaineers Books' new "lifestyle" imprint.) Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style ($14.95) gently prepares women in what might be called the demo to date and endure what might be called the Uptight Seattleite demo. In the woods. So, for example, the helpful glossary clarifies that "heat exhaustion" does not mean "Clive Owen was in my dreams"; and the backcountry cooking section features an excellent number of mixology suggestions for adding booze to the Crystal Light in your Nalgene bottle. (Editor's note: To enjoy a patented Wilford Brimley by campfire, add one part Country Time lemonade mix to however much vodka you can see in the dark. No cheating with your headlamp.) Wry illustrations by Seattle's Kate Quinby help set the tone.

For crafty types, Worick also has The Prairie Girl's Guide to Life: How to Sew a Sampler Quilt & 49 Other Pioneer Projects for the Modern Girl (Taunton Press, $14.95), which is exactly that—Nancy Drew on steroids.

Though she's mostly hidden behind characters like Prairie Girl and Backcountry Betty, Worick eventually wants to create her own brand, some kind of new Erma Bombeck. Still, she's cautious about being trapped with the wrong one. Recalling a past meeting to discuss collaborating on a fitness book with Richard Simmons, she notes, "He has to live that persona 24 hours a day."

Eschewing fiction, Worick has no desire to add to the chick-lit canon. "I can't see one more hot-pink book" cover, she exclaims. Though she concedes the dating/relationship category "is evergreen" (like diet-health books).

For now, it's enough to maintain her various blogs and update her author page. She knows that marketing, after the writing, is the second half of her job description. Though she doesn't write until the publishing contract is signed, she adds, "I probably have 10–20 ideas on a to-do proposal list."

Will those ideas result in books as long and substantial as War and Peace? No, but neither is your bus ride.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finding Self Love in Alaska

Last night I "Did the Puyallup," a yearly fair, and thoroughly enjoyed the Tilt-a-Whirl, a freshly baked scone, a visit with a cow named Honey and beauty confessions from a variety of women. Oh, I should probably explain that last one.

Jennifer Worick, Beauty Editor for and the special guest at my upcoming October 3rd Sugar & Swank event, invited me to be her wingwoman as she collected videotaped beauty confessionals from women at The Fair to air on the website. The idea is to talk with real women about what they have learned about beauty throughout their lives. This might mean secret beauty tips such as, "I smother my face and body with Vitamin E oil every night," to defining beauty moments such as, "I always used to pick my cuticles until I realized I was literally picking on myself and stopped."

Learning the beauty secrets of so many women of all ages, races, sizes and backgrounds was incredibly interesting. I won't give away too much because you'll be able to see all the interviews for yourself on in a few weeks, but one woman in particular really made an impression on me.

She was in the cow stalls sitting on pile of hay, shovel in hand, when we approached her. Tall and slender, this Ali Larter look-a-like was a natural beauty, even in her ponytail and overalls.

Jennifer and I explained the project to her as we cooed over her perfectly clear, ivory skin that contained not even a stitch of make-up.

"Me?" she questioned. "You want to interview me about something beauty related? Are you serious? And clear skin? You must be joking! I've suffered from acne since I was eight years old."

We turned on the camera and let her talk. She explained how while growing up she was always trying this medication or that cream, yet nothing alleviated the acne breakouts. The acne made her feel different, like an outsider, but she tried to do as her mom always said, "Focus on your personality."

Last year, at 25 years old, she decided to find a change of pace in Alaska. When she first arrived she tried to maintain her "mainland" look by keeping up with her lotion, potion and make-up routine but quickly felt like an outsider again, this time because no one else there cared about their appearance - there was too much work to be done and so many other important things to worry about.

She found it easy to adopt this new lifestyle, one where you put emphasis on things with meaning. She spent her time working hard and developing new, deep and lasting friendships. She would shower only every couple of days and gave up on make-up and all the acne "cures." Surprisingly, instead of making her acne worse, it made it disappear. For the first time in her life her skin was clear!

She returned home a week ago and feels out of place. Her old friends seem superficial, she feels as though the media tells us what to buy, who to be and how to look, she doesn't want to shower regularly so she thinks it will be hard to find a job . . . and guess what: the acne's back. She believes that she will go back to Alaska soon, for good.

Listening to her made me sad. She is such a beautiful woman but her self-image seemed, perhaps, a bit off-kilter. But then again, I should be happy for her if she's found home and comfort with herself in Alaska.

And really, that is one thing she kept repeating: "Each of us has to find what makes us feel sexy." Whether it is wearing make-up or not, whether it wearing trends or avoiding them - you have to be true to yourself in order to find peace and happiness in your heart.

In fact, that is the key to Sugar & Swank: Feeling good about yourself and finding ways to feel healthy and confident, inside and out.

If Sugar & Swank can help you achieve that, call Jennifer to book an appointment. She'd be happy to assist you!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Meet NY Time Bestselling Author, Jennifer Worick

Sugar & Swank is excited to invite you to spend the evening of October 3rd

With Jennifer Worick, New York Times Bestselling Author & Contributing Editor for

Jennifer writes books that make us more well-rounded women and has been reporting on the latest and greatest in the beauty industry for years.

Take advantage of this special opportunity to meet Jennifer and get the inside scoop - straight from the source - on the most secret of all beauty tips.

Preview Sugar & Swank’s brand new line of fall make-up colors, as well, while munching and sipping on delicious goodies

Expect an interactive evening where you’ll be able to explore new tricks of the trade and even share your own insider beauty secrets.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 7 pm
3418 77th Place SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040
All are welcome so please invite friends!
RSVP by September 28th at or 206-351-3213

Learn more about Jennifer Worick at

Learn more about Sugar & Swank at

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Sugar & Swank for All Ages

People often ask me the average age of the Sugar & Swank client and I always answer the same way: I don't categorize the Sugar & Swank demographic by age because Sugar & Swank is for anyone, of any age, simply hoping to improve their image via make-up, skincare, wardrobe or home decor.

Make-Up and Skincare:
The Sugar & Swank make-up and skincare line contains many products designed to target everything from acne to aging. Sugar & Swank offers serious SOLUTIONS to these issues, so call or write today to learn more.

Wardrobe: For the Bat Mitzvah girl, for prom, for the fraternity formal, for the first job interview, for business casual, for Festive Cocktail, for weekend wear, for black tie optional, for a baby or wedding shower, for an important brunch. You name the event, Sugar & Swank can help you find the right outfit at a great price in record time.

View the Sugar & Swank website to learn more about the services Sugar & Swank provides.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Last Minute Shopping for My Man

Sugar & Swank is for Men Too!

Let's face it, Sugar & Swank sounds pretty girly. And yes, the logo is super-girly, as well.

But don't let that fool you . . . Sugar & Swank is for men too.

OK. Maybe make-up isn't his thing. But there are plenty of men out there - as well as women who love them - who need assistance with shopping for the perfect fit for business casual, a suitable suit for dressier times and just the right choice for weekend wear.
Sugar & Swank can kick that closet into gear.

Sugar & Swank from the Male Perspective - A Festive Story of Dressing for Cocktails

I'm Jim McLeod and I get Sugar & Swank services for free because Jennifer Muscatel, the owner, is my girlfriend. I'd like to tell you about the ultimate Sugar & Swank experience that took place just a few weeks ago.

It was almost Sunday, September 2nd, the day our good friends, Jenn and Greg Rosenwald, were getting married. Jennifer and I were so busy with work and getting getting me moved into "our" house that we never stopped to consider what I was going to wear to the Black Tie Optional wedding.

Late Thursday we ran over to a shop in Kirkland called The Tuxedo Club where the sales associate, Brian, carefully took my measurements, assisted us in making some tasteful and contemporary bowtie, shirt and vest selections and didn't even charge us for the last minute tux reservation. With Sunday night's black tie optional dress code met we kinda relaxed.

However, on Saturday night around 6 pm, Jennifer asked me what I was planning to wear to the party taking place that night to honor Jenn and Greg. A party that was taking place in three hours. A party which called which called for "Festive Cocktail" attire.

We started going through my closet and Jennifer immediately nixed my two pairs of black pants. She said something about the first being from 1987 and too straight in the legs. The second, which she believed were from 1994, were too shiny.

We then called Jennifer's mom to help decipher the meaning of "Festive Cocktail." Maybe what I needed was actually right there in front of us.

"Do you have a sport coat?" Jennifer's mom, on speakerphone, asked me.

In relief I exclaimed, "Yep!" as I shuffled through my clothes to find my tweed coat.

"No way!" Jennifer said. "You must have borrowed that from some college professor you once knew in a very cold town and forgot to return it. It is Labor Day weekend and that is neither Festive nor Cocktail. I think we'll have to go shopping."

I thought Nordstrom or Men's Wearhouse, but Jennifer did some quick research online and decided we should start at Target. Without a lot of time to waste, we got there by 6:45. I'd been wanting new sunglasses so Jennifer suggested I choose a pair while she pulled some clothing selections in the men's department. When I met up with her a few minutes later she was holding a cool black suit - simple with clean, modern lines. The jacket was $59.99, the pants $29.99. She shoved me in a room with the suit and a couple shirts. When I walked out she went nuts - according to her I looked "hot." While the suit was perfect, we found the shirt collars wanted to sit outside the lapel and looked too seventies so we voted "no" and hurried up to the registers to pay for the suit.

Next we raced over to Old Navy to look for other dress shirts options. Unsuccessful, we zipped over to Nordstrom Rack where Jennifer perused shirts while I picked out a pair of $69 Kenneth Cole loafers. I found Jennifer holding a $19.97 white shirt with big flowers embroidered over little colorful flowers. Hmm.

"Trust me," she said.

At 7:30 we were back in the car, about $200 lighter but with a new suit, shirt, pair of shoes and sunglasses - all things I will use again and again. By the way, Jennifer was right about the shirt, it was Festive, Cocktail and I received a lot of compliments at the party on my stylish choice.

Sugar & Swank personal shopping, for both men and women, is about getting in and out fast, without spending a lot of money. Jennifer helps her clients find items that will serve a longterm purpose in their wardrobe so they get value out of their clothing investment. she wants her clients to have an easier time getting dressed and, most importantly, she wants to ensure they still feel like themselves in their new wardrobe.

Jennifer will shop with you or even better, just tell her what you need and she'll bring it right to your home or office. Gift certificates for birthdays and holidays are available.

Book a Wardrobe Consultation or Shopping Excursion with Sugar & Swank today and kick that closet into gear.

Jennifer Muscatel
Sugar & Swank Lifestyle Management.
Don't Just Be. Be Sugar & Swank.
Mineral Make-Up - Custom Blended Mineral Foundation - Wardrobing - Tips for Leading a Sugar & Swank Life

I'm Quirky

My wonderfully amazing boyfriend, Jim, moved in with my son and me last week and so far, so good! There is so much I could write about why we decided to move in together, how we came to the decision, what preventative discussions we had to help us negotiate potential obstacles we might encounter later on, but in order to protect his privacy I won't. I would, however, like to discuss that in the past five nights since Jim and I became domestic partners I've realized I have a few quirks. And really, recognizing these quirks, accepting these quirks and setting them aside if need be is really all about being Sugar & Swank.

So What are Said Quirks?

1. I like to watch Big Brother. I'm aware that this reality TV program, in its 8th season, is trash, but I love to watch the house that CBS fills each summer with the schmarmiest, scuzziest people they can find. People who are willing to leave their families and responsibilities in order to backstab, gossip and mindlessly blow their summer away in hopes of winning $500,000. Not even a $1,000,000! Here' the thing: Big Brother is not on just one night a week but THREE nights a week! Worse, in past summers I've subscribed to the 24-hour live feed and would find myself in Big Brother chat rooms discussing the game with strangers. This year I passed up the live feed and went for Big Brother After Dark on Showtime which airs live, uncut footage of the houseguests from 9 pm to 12 am. I don't watch the entire three hours, I just fast forward to strategic discussions, but the commitment is there. I've also become a part of a Big Brother email group made up of friends of friends, (thankfully not strangers). We make guesses and predictions about what will happen in the house each week and are planning both a Big Brother 8 finale viewing party as well as a celebratory lunch. I've never thought my Big Brother behavior to be abnormal (of course, seeing it in writing even raises my own red flag), but one night Jim came to bed and said, "I am going to go nuts if that is always on before I go to sleep." Hmmm. Was he already attacking my way of being in my own home? And might I go nuts if the Mariners recap was on every night instead? I replied by saying, "The season's almost over," but the truth is, I've got my eye on my Big Brother quirk/obsession/addiction.

2. I need some down time at the end of the day. When Jim didn't live here we kinda looked forward to my son's bedtime because we'd finally get a little alone time before Jim would head home. Once he had left I would get in bed to read or catch up on recorded shows before going to sleep. I didn't realize how much I needed this quiet time to just space out. With Jim here, I've seen that I still need this downtime or else I get crabby, so once my son's asleep we both retreat to our corners (me to "our" bedroom and he to the den), just for a bit, to recharge our personal batteries before meeting up again before heading to bed.

3. My standards for tidiness might annoy others who live with me. I was raised in a super-tidy house. My dad was a serious neat-freak who was addicted to vacumming. I got used to living like this and find that as an adult, I'm most comfortable and productive in a space that is neat and orderly. My son's room can be a mess, Jim's den can be a mess, but the rest of the house needs to be put away. I realize it probably isn't fun for Jim to have to fluff the pillows on the couch when he's tired or for him to have to make sure the entire kitchen is clean before we go to sleep. I'm guessing I'll mellow out as time goes on - I've already mellowed a ton since I got my first real place back in 1996 - and Jim is humoring me so far.

4. When I fill up the Brita water pitcher I forget to put it in the refrigerator and leave it in the sink. Jim always puts it away for me.

5. I talk really loudly when I'm on the phone. I remember my ex-husband commenting on this and noticed Jim turn up the volume the other night after I answered the phone. Now I make sure to go into the other room when I'm on the phone.

6. I can get into a Type-A Zone. It is a bit frenetic. You can call it spazzy. For example, if I have to wait for Jim to help me with something I will likely do it on my own - even if it means moving a king-size bed out of the house and a queen-size bed in. Of course, he would question the word "wait" because when I'm in my Type-A Zone I'm also impatient. I also tend to go over-the-top when in this Zone. If I have to make cookies for an event I might make several hundred.

I am so blessed because Jim is entirely patient when I'm quirky. Of course, despite all my weirdnesses he's making out pretty well. His laundry is washed and folded for him, he gets a home cooked meal every night, his desire for freshly baked cookies is always met and because of my obsession for cleanliness he gets to live in a comfortable home that's one true rule is, "everyone gets their needs met." And really, the boy ain't perfect. I'd write about his quirks too but right now he wants me to watch the Mariner highlights with him.

Transition to Sugar & Swank Make-Up

It is Time to Transition to Sugar & Swank Mineral Make-Up because it:

Is Custom-Blended to Perfectly Match Each Individual’s Skin Tone
Is the Number-1 Rated Mineral Make-Up in the Mineral Make-Up Marketplace
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Assists in Defending Signs of Premature Aging with SPF 26 Protection
Reflects Light to Illuminate the Skin
Stays Put on Skin All Day Is Safe for Sensitive Skin
Is Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial

What is Mineral Make-Up? Created from minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature, mineral make-up has been gaining in popularity because of how easy it is to apply, how little make-up needs to be used to gain flawless coverage and how safe, clean and actually beneficial it is for the skin

Special Offers! Book an appointment on throughout the month of September and Receive 15% off all Sugar & Swank products (Exluding NuSkin as it is already offered at a discount) Refer a friend to the website - If they book an appointment online you will receive a free one-hour personal shopping trip or a free one-hour closet organization session.

To Order Product or Book an Appointment Contact Jennifer at or 206-351-3213.

Sugar & Swank Products will Clear Up Your Skin

Yes, Sugar & Swank Custom-Blended Mineral Foundation is amazing,
But here’s why the Sugar & Swank Skincare Collection is amazing, as well:

When one of my most regular clients first came to Sugar & Swank she was suffering greatly from cystic acne. The first change we made was to transition her from store-bought foundation to a custom-blended Sugar & Swank powdered mineral foundation that perfectly matched her skintone, naturally benefitted her skin and helped prevent acne breakouts and aging. She fell in love with the make-up because her skin started to clear up and, without making her appear heavily made-up, it completely covered the acne scars marking her face. Her husband even called to let me know how grateful he was to me for helping his wife feel happier about her appearance.

After the positive changes achieved from the switch in her foundation, we next incorporated changes to her skincare regimen – she started cleansing and hydrating with Dermaware and NuSkin products - and she quickly noticed even more of an improvement in her skin.

The other day the client called and said, “Guess why I’m calling?”

I said, “Because you need more make-up?”

She said, “No! My skin looks so healthy I’ve only been using the make-up when I go out at night! I still have make-up left, but I’ve run out of skincare products!”

Sugar & Swank thrives on helping clients, like this one, discover long-term benefits from the products it carries – a diverse line chosen carefully from the very best beauty companies in the marketplace. Everything is tested personally by Jennifer Muscatel, Sugar & Swank’s owner, but client success offers even better proof that these products really work.

Try Sugar & Swank’s Mineral Make-Up and Skincare Collection for yourself.

To order product or book an appointment visit or contact Jennifer Muscatel at