Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Last Minute Shopping for My Man

Sugar & Swank is for Men Too!

Let's face it, Sugar & Swank sounds pretty girly. And yes, the logo is super-girly, as well.

But don't let that fool you . . . Sugar & Swank is for men too.

OK. Maybe make-up isn't his thing. But there are plenty of men out there - as well as women who love them - who need assistance with shopping for the perfect fit for business casual, a suitable suit for dressier times and just the right choice for weekend wear.
Sugar & Swank can kick that closet into gear.

Sugar & Swank from the Male Perspective - A Festive Story of Dressing for Cocktails

I'm Jim McLeod and I get Sugar & Swank services for free because Jennifer Muscatel, the owner, is my girlfriend. I'd like to tell you about the ultimate Sugar & Swank experience that took place just a few weeks ago.

It was almost Sunday, September 2nd, the day our good friends, Jenn and Greg Rosenwald, were getting married. Jennifer and I were so busy with work and getting getting me moved into "our" house that we never stopped to consider what I was going to wear to the Black Tie Optional wedding.

Late Thursday we ran over to a shop in Kirkland called The Tuxedo Club where the sales associate, Brian, carefully took my measurements, assisted us in making some tasteful and contemporary bowtie, shirt and vest selections and didn't even charge us for the last minute tux reservation. With Sunday night's black tie optional dress code met we kinda relaxed.

However, on Saturday night around 6 pm, Jennifer asked me what I was planning to wear to the party taking place that night to honor Jenn and Greg. A party that was taking place in three hours. A party which called which called for "Festive Cocktail" attire.

We started going through my closet and Jennifer immediately nixed my two pairs of black pants. She said something about the first being from 1987 and too straight in the legs. The second, which she believed were from 1994, were too shiny.

We then called Jennifer's mom to help decipher the meaning of "Festive Cocktail." Maybe what I needed was actually right there in front of us.

"Do you have a sport coat?" Jennifer's mom, on speakerphone, asked me.

In relief I exclaimed, "Yep!" as I shuffled through my clothes to find my tweed coat.

"No way!" Jennifer said. "You must have borrowed that from some college professor you once knew in a very cold town and forgot to return it. It is Labor Day weekend and that is neither Festive nor Cocktail. I think we'll have to go shopping."

I thought Nordstrom or Men's Wearhouse, but Jennifer did some quick research online and decided we should start at Target. Without a lot of time to waste, we got there by 6:45. I'd been wanting new sunglasses so Jennifer suggested I choose a pair while she pulled some clothing selections in the men's department. When I met up with her a few minutes later she was holding a cool black suit - simple with clean, modern lines. The jacket was $59.99, the pants $29.99. She shoved me in a room with the suit and a couple shirts. When I walked out she went nuts - according to her I looked "hot." While the suit was perfect, we found the shirt collars wanted to sit outside the lapel and looked too seventies so we voted "no" and hurried up to the registers to pay for the suit.

Next we raced over to Old Navy to look for other dress shirts options. Unsuccessful, we zipped over to Nordstrom Rack where Jennifer perused shirts while I picked out a pair of $69 Kenneth Cole loafers. I found Jennifer holding a $19.97 white shirt with big flowers embroidered over little colorful flowers. Hmm.

"Trust me," she said.

At 7:30 we were back in the car, about $200 lighter but with a new suit, shirt, pair of shoes and sunglasses - all things I will use again and again. By the way, Jennifer was right about the shirt, it was Festive, Cocktail and I received a lot of compliments at the party on my stylish choice.

Sugar & Swank personal shopping, for both men and women, is about getting in and out fast, without spending a lot of money. Jennifer helps her clients find items that will serve a longterm purpose in their wardrobe so they get value out of their clothing investment. she wants her clients to have an easier time getting dressed and, most importantly, she wants to ensure they still feel like themselves in their new wardrobe.

Jennifer will shop with you or even better, just tell her what you need and she'll bring it right to your home or office. Gift certificates for birthdays and holidays are available.

Book a Wardrobe Consultation or Shopping Excursion with Sugar & Swank today and kick that closet into gear.

Jennifer Muscatel
Sugar & Swank Lifestyle Management.
Don't Just Be. Be Sugar & Swank.
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