Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't Be Afraid of a Sugar & Swank Makeover!

With a Sugar & Swank Makeover You Always Look Natural. You Always Look Like Yourself.

Take a look at these Before and After photos of some beautiful Sugar & Swank clients. More pictures are viewable throughout this blog, as well.

A Sugar & Swank makeover isn't about turning you into someone you're not. Conversely, when your Sugar & Swank makover is done you will look like yourself, just enhanced. Sugar & Swank listens to the client in order to understand their needs and helps them make changes to achieve their goals while still feeling comfortable in their new clothes or make-up.

October 3rd Party Was So Much Fun!

The Sugar & Swank party held on October 3rd was so much fun! Guests sipped on cocktails and munched on a variety of treats such as fresh shrimp, homemade pulled chicken sandwiches, spanakopita. Favored by all were the delectable creme puffs!

Jennifer Worick, NY Times Bestselling Author, Allure Magazine Beauty Contributor and Beauty Editor spoke about beauty and gathered many beauty confessionals from agreeable party-goers which will soon be viewable on the website. To learn more about Ms. Worick visit her website at Her lastest book, The Prairie Girls Guide to Life is now on sale and can be purchased on Amazon.

Darcey Pickard, owner of Starjuice Aromtherapy, discussed the benefits of aromatherapy and how helpful it can be for the body. To learn more about Starjuice visit the website.

Sugar & Swank demonstrated the Galvanic Spa, the at-home facelift and facial machine, and did several makeovers with the new Fall colors such as Toast, Eggplant and Bronze Shimmer. Visit the Sugar & Swank website for more information on the Galvanic Spa and to tips on how to improve the look of your make-up.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look at These Homecoming Makeovers!

I had a great time doing Homecoming makeovers on some wonderful Mercer Island High Schoolers. Take a look! And be sure to call upon Sugar & Swank the next time you want to look especially pretty for a special event or if you just want to learn how to modernize your everyday make-up.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a Trip to Costco

It was just a trip to Costco, but I couldn't find a thing to wear. Just a trip to Costco to pick up some basics, not even anything fancy like a grand piano or 25-piece set of Tupperware, yet I truly could not find a single thing in my closet to wear.

I didn't feel like pulling on my Fall of 07' go-to outfit of tunic, leggings and ballet slippers. My jeans felt snug. I tried on some sweatpants, but with what top? Grrr!

As my bed heaved with rejected options resting on top of other rejected options, my boyfriend, Jim, came in to chat. Just to chat.

"This has nothing to do with you," I barked, "But now is not a good time. I can't find anything to wear."

With a look of confusion, he started to back out of the room. "Are we going anywhere after Costco?" he dared to question.

"No." I responded.

"Then why . . . do you . . . does it matter what you wear?" he stammered.

His question annoyed me at first. Didn't he get it? But then I started to laugh at his response to my behavior. It wasn't that he didn't get it, he simply couldn't get it. Jim, like most men have it easy. Size "medium" always fits and always looks good. He just pulls on jeans, slips on a t'shirt and a slides into a pair of loafers or sneakers and off he goes.

He also couldn't get that it was exactly one week before I was to get a friendly monthly visit from Aunt Flo and that I never think anything looks good when she's on her way.

The thing is, it doesn't matter where you're going, we all want to look good and most importantly, feel good about ourselves when we get there. Not always easy. So when one of those, "I Don't Know What to Wear" days strikes, and it will, and most likely, without warning, Sugar & Swank suggests to:

- Nurture yourself
- Take the time you need to make the clothing (or hair, or make-up) choice that will make you feel best about yourself
- Try falling back on an old favorite you know always looks good
- Remember that you're probably wearing "Messed up Aunt Flo Wacked Out Hormone" goggles and that, in all reality, you look much better than you think.
- If all else fails, call Jennifer at a Sugar & Swank for a pep talk

Good Luck!