Monday, May 11, 2009

Check Your Boobies!

The other night my son stayed home with a babysitter while my husband and I went to Heike Malakoff's Check Your Boobies fundraiser. My son is a pretty easy-going kid . . . when he's not tired. But when he's tired, um, well . . . I'm not saying he's always going to be a bear. Sometimes he even gets into that slap-happy mode and he's pretty funny. But if something should frustrate him, such as his Legos falling apart, watch out. Sadly for the sitter, the Lego creation he was building around 10 pm did, indeed, fall apart.

I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too. Why was he playing Legos at 10 pm? But that's neither here nor there. I'm just laying out the facts, and the facts are that at 10 pm his Legos fell apart and, as I said before, the kid's pretty easy-going until he's tired and his Legos fall apart. So guess what happened? Apparently he had a big doozie of a tantrum.

When we got home an hour later he was laying on our bed under a blanket. Awake. And as fragile as ever. His eyes, as big as saucers, welled up with tears when he saw us.

"Mom," he sobbed. "I totally froaked."


"You froaked? What does that mean?"

"You know, I got upset and I froaked," he explained.

"I'm still not understanding."

"I was building my Lego Aqua Blaster and I was almost done and then the whole thing broke and I started freaking out. I froaked."


So now I ask you, beauty-wise, have you ever froaked? Over a pimple? Wrinkles? Some very hairy brows that need to be waxed? At Mercer Island's Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa it is my job to help ensure you have no reason to ever froak again. Because at the Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa I work hard to meet all your skincare needs. You can expect a relaxing, calming experience and amazing results.

OK. I take it back. You may froak again. But only because you're so dang happy with how you feel and with the way your skin looks after visiting Sugar & Swank.

I will wax you anywhere you need to be waxed at the Sugar & Swank Day Spa. You name it! Brow Waxing. Facial Waxing. Ear Waxing. Nose Waxing. Chin Waxing. Chest Waxing. Tummy Waxing. Bikini Waxing. Brazilian Waxing. Leg Waxing. Arm Waxing. Toe Waxing.

The Sugar & Swank Spa can also help you get any pimple/acne situation under control with some super-effective acne facial treatments.

Worried about wrinkles? Visit the Sugar & Swank Day Spa for an age fighting peel or facial.

And Sugar & Swank is the only spa in Seattle that has the ultimate key to the most even complexion you can imagine. Custom-Blended Mineral Make-Up. I'm not kidding. Your skin will look Hollywood Starlet healthy and smooth, but you don't even feel like you're wearing make-up. And the best part is that you get to look fantastic while the minerals feed your skin nutrients, reflect the sun away from your skin and help fight skin cancer.

How bout some take-home treatments. Sugar & Swank sells Dermaware, a dramatically effective skincare line that can help you achieve and/or maintain amazing skincare results at home.

The point is, with Sugar & Swank around you'll never have to say you froaked when you looked in the mirror!

And while we're on the subject of not froaking. Heike Malakoff is working tremendously hard to raise money to help prevent and cure breast cancer around the world. To hear you or someone you love has cancer is, in all seriousness, a time one would really have reason to froak. Heike is taking great measures to make sure as few people as possible ever have to face that kind of news. If you're interested in joining Heike book a Check Your Boobies party for your friends and family. Or donate to help the cause. To learn more visit

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