Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lifestyle Management Lesson 1

OK. So in my blog below I mention wanting to help people who are so spread thin from giving to others they have no time for themselves. One of the first things I'd recommend to them is actually carving out and scheduling downtime. No excuses. For some this might be harder than for others, but even if you can only sneak in five minutes once a day you gotta do it. Sometimes guilt might stop you, as though time away will make you a bad parent, spouse, friend, family member or employee. But the truth is, time off will make you better at any role you take on.

As Sugar & Swank's representative I need to model the same, right? What kind of hypocrite would I be if I went around caring continually for others with no time for myself? Plus, if I don't get a break I get really crabby. And no surprise, I'm way more present and agreeable upon my return.

I don't have a problem taking time for myself. My problem is that I tend to take it about three minutes and twenty seconds after blowing a gasket. So I've been working on taking it earlier rather than "Oops. Too late!"

This new approach to preserving my mental sanity has been really importantl as of late because I have some very sick relatives I'm trying to care for while still being a good wife, mom and business owner. So today, instead of using my free time to visit Grandma at her nursing home I took care of immediate responsibilities (making breakfast for my dog and son, feeding and showering myself, getting my son to camp)and then got back in bed to watch TV.

To me, a day in bed catching up on Tivo is a total luxury. And I knew I needed it when the thought of seeing a Chick Flick or getting a spa treatment for myself seemed like too much.

Camp's almost over now, which means my day in bed is almost over too. Who knows, I might be able to extend my lazy day by talking my son into cuddling up to watch a movie for a bit once he's home.

Either way, I won't just be. I'll be Sugar & Swank.

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