Friday, June 19, 2009

Sick of City SearchI

How many people use City Search to, um, well . . . search their city? I don't. I use Google. But City Search statistics show a lot of people use City Search. I know, big shocker. But truth be told, often when I Google something I wind up on a City Search review. And in my process to get Sugar & Swank better placement on Google (see my previous blog) I did a lot of googling and saw a lot of spas were on City Search. I figured it was time for Sugar & Swank to have a page, as well.

My first meeting with City Search was on May 12th. At first it was rush, rush, rush. We'll have your page up in no time if you get us this and get us that! So I did. But then nothing happened.

"Oh, we're sorry, the new girl keyed your information in wrong."
"Oh, we're sorry, this never happens but they lost all your pictures."
"Oh, we're sorry, but because of the holiday weekend (MEMORIAL DAY!) things are backed up."

You get the point.

Finally everything was a go! Emails from City Search rolled in to let me know the good news . . . I could find Sugar & Swank on their site! They weren't lying. There I was. But they chose the wrong main picture. Instead of using one that showed off the calming spa atmosphere they chose the pdf of the banner hanging in the window of Sugar & Swank. And it wasn't even the whole picture, it was cut off so you couldn't read any of it.

OK. So fine. The picture was a bad choice. I could get over that. But when I clicked on it, instead of going to the Sugar & Swank profile page with reviews and descriptions it simply went to my website. Also fine because I like my website! But why pay for someone to go to my website? I already pay Google to send people to my website.

At this point I gave up. I was so aggravated that I had to just stop. But today I decided to go look and guess what? Nope. Not a happy ending. I'm not even on their site anymore! Not even kidding! Sugar & Swank's gone from it!

More phone calls. More emails. More text messages. They say they decided to start over. To re-enroll me.

So the bottom line is that I'm sick of City Search.

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