Thursday, October 8, 2009

Samurai is Strong

It is time for me to write a few blogs, but tongue in cheek thoughts regarding all the waxing, facials, anti-aging and acne treatments that can be found at some spa on Mercer Island seem just a little unimportant after reading my friend's blog about her son Sam's fight against cancer.

I've known my friend, Jodilyn Owen, since we were babies and have watched her turn into a remarkable woman. Her dedication to her children, husband, extended family and friends is truly beyond compare. She, along with her amazing husband, Benjy, has been fighting for her son's life in a way you only hope you would if, heaven forbid, it was happening to you. And now, when it is most bleak and she's hoping for a miracle, she is demonstrating such grace. And gratefulness for the time she's had with Sam and the time she still has with him.

And talk about grace. Sam is a wonder! An example to all of us. He's a samurai. He's Samurai Strong!

I wish them a miracle. I wish them a miracle. I wish them a miracle. Wish them one too, please.

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MeLisa Turcott Strongheart said...

my heart goes out to you all. please let me know if i can do anything to help out in anyway. . .maybe your samarai would like to break a board, kiop (yell) out some feelings, or just hang out and watch a movie with a bunch of fun kids.

just let me know:; text 206 979 3043; call 206 230 9050