Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brow Waxing for My 3rd Grader

Last year this stinkin little bully made fun of my son's unibrow. My son's teacher, who happens to also be our cousin, handled it well. She called the kid in, pointed out HIS unibrow and asked how it felt to be made fun of for something God given.

God given or not, my son wasn't too impressed with his unibrow after that. As luck would have it, my son has an esthetician for a mother. His unibrow's gone. Not as lucky for the bully. He still has a unibrow. (And, I kid you not, he also gets his hairlighted. He's NINE! I think he should be made fun of for that, don't you?) And while I may not offer my services to him I'm happy to offer them to you. And really, if my 3rd-grader's getting a brow arch, don't you think it is time you got one too?

You can get almost anything waxed at the Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa. Expert brow shaping, removal of other unwanted facial hair, armpit waxing, arm waxing, leg waxing, belly waxing, chest waxing, bikini waxing . . . you name it! Let me know what you need - especially as the sun begins to shine on areas where the sun hasn't shined since October.

Yes, waxing can hurt. Come on! I'm using wax to rip hairs from your follicles! No, it certainly isn't as lovely as getting a facial. But I try to make it as pain free as possible via pleasant music, a hypnotic blend of soothing oils and a calming approach before and after I actually pull the wax.

So make an appointment. When you're lounging pool or beach side in your swimsuit you'll be glad you did.


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