Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quality Ear Piercing Right Here on Mercer Island

Recently I was given the honor of taking Jim's niece to get her ears pierced. I wanted her experience of this rite of passage to be THE BEST. In preparation for the big day I started researching the Seattle area in hopes of finding the most sterile place to take her, yet a place where they were also patient and caring.

What did I finally learn? That getting your ears pierced personally by Aunty Sugar & Swank is, by far, the safest and most fun solution.

That is why I am so excited to announce that I will be adding EAR PIERCING to my business.

Picture it! Fun music, sparkling cider (or champagne for those a little older!) to celebrate and a couple of quick, hygienic poke in the earlobes!

Seriously, you've got to see my equipment. IT IS NOT REUSED FROM PERSON TO PERSON! Instead, every client's ears are pierced using their own individually wrapped materials so bacteria doesn't spread from one person to the next. And while the experience isn't entirely free of pain, it is pretty close. Jim's niece DID NOT EVEN FLINCH! It was remarkable!

You know, my mom grew up in the jewelry business and I remember watching her mark my friends' ears in order to ensure they were pierced in just the right place on their earlobes. So let's face it, I was trained by the very best! It is so fun to continue her tradition in a professional way.

So spread the word! Or come on in yourself! Quality, hygienic, careful ear piercing right on Mercer Island - near Bellevue and Seattle.

Call 206-351-3213 to book an appointment.

Sugar & Swank Skincare Spa
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