Friday, June 27, 2008

The Word "Drama"

I started calling my son, "Drama," a few years ago, way before Johnny Drama from Entourage ever existed. The name came to me one night as I watched him drag his body across the floor in supposed agony when I asked him to brush his teeth before bed. "Let's go, Drama," I said. "No matter how much you complain those teeth are still getting brushed."

All this time later and he still gives it his best shot. My response these days? "Drama, have you ever known the theatrics to work on me?" Depending on how much rest and food he's gotten he either starts to laugh at himself or he lays on a little more umph to up his performance. Oy.

In any case, I've recently decided to retire the word "drama" entirely. I'm sick of everyone accusing everyone of being it. Sure, in perspective our problems as Americans are not really problems when compared to the issues faced by people around the globe. Still, the problems we face can feel really big. Yes, we usually get to face them on a full belly without a gun pointed to our head, but can't we own the fact that the simple balance of life as Americans can be challenging and tiring.

Last week on my birthday my uncle asked if I was excited to celebrate. Sure, I was excited, but I was more excited about a surprise party the following day for my aunt. I was even more excited about my cousin's wedding the day after that. Plus, I explained to him, in the two weeks prior, I'd graduated from school, had surgery to remove a melanoma from my leg, had taken my state boards and started a new job. "I just told my chiropractor how dramatic my family in Seattle is," he responded. Dramatic? Really? I understand that not one of the things I faced are anywhere near as bad as what a lot of others face on a daily basis, but they certainly seemed stressful and exhausting to me. Who is he, or anyone else, to judge?

As I meander through the spa each day I overhear bits and pieces of what different clients are going through and their strength and endurance amazes me. Life can be hard. Sure, we have to keep perspective of what's going on elsewhere in the world - insight into current affairs is crucial - but respect yourself enough to acknowledge, "Wow, that was tough and I'm pretty darn strong for getting through it," at some point. You aren't "drama" if you do, you're human.

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