Thursday, August 28, 2008

$73 in Dog Bones Later

After getting my "Artichoke" (see "How Far Would You Go?") my son and I wandered into one of those new, chic pet boutiques. (That rhymes.) We have a puppy who prefers to chew on our hands over ANYTHING else, so we thought we'd see if we could find him some more appetizing options because our hands just can't take it anymore.

We bring our enormous selection of bones, chew toys and other nonsense up to the register. My son, trying to help, set a can of peanut butter flavored doggy Cheez Whiz on its side and it rolled off the counter and fell to the ground. Not a big deal, just a broken cap.

The clerk and I make eye contact. Its a draw. But being a polite person who takes responsiblity for her (or her son's) actions I say, "Sorry! We'll buy it anyway." I expect her (because polite business people take responsibility to make their customers - especially those about to spend a large sum of money on dog bones - feel comfortable) to say, "No problem. There's a new one sitting right here." Instead she says, "OK," and proceeds to put a stinky liquid item with a broken cap into my bag.

For any business owners out there, this was not a good response. And I told her so as I signed my $73 receipt.

I know what you're thinking: "Dummy! Why'd you still buy something?"

I know, I know. I could have easily exacted revenge by immediately returning my dog's chewable items, but that would have punished him and my family's hands. I chose to write a blog about their bad service and attitude instead.

So don't buy your pet any luxury supplies at the Mill Creek Town Center.

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Eric said...

Thanks for the warning.. I buy all my dog bones from
but if I'm ever in Mill Creek I'll be sure to avoid their posh pet shop.