Friday, May 30, 2008

Sugar & Swank is Your Dermaware Source

Your order can be shipped anywhere in the United States. If you don't see what you want on the website, just ask. New products arrive everyday and anything not in stock can be ordered.

Anti-Oxidant Cleanser: Botanical and citrus foaming gel cleanser with micronized Vitamins A, B, and C. Oil-free and soap free.

Deep and Clear Cleanser: Botanical foaming gel cleanser containing exfoliating, healing and anti-bacterial properties through salicylic and lactic acids, witch hazel, arnica and tea tree. Oil-free, soap-free.

Heavy Cream Cleanser: Creamy, hydrating, soothing and healing oil-free cleanser containing arnica, lavender, chamomile and elder flower.

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer - Oil Free: Vitamins A, B, C, E is mixed with nutrient rich a-Lipoic, arnica, soothing cucumber, calendula, plumping hyaluronic acid create this oil-free, anti-oxidant protection. Ideal for oily, acne, rosacea, sensitive or combination skin.

Anti-Oxidant Moisturizer: Vitamins A, B, C, E, alpha-lipoic, borage, evening primrose, chamomile, sea algae and hyaluronic acid in a humectant base create this hydrating moisturizer ideal for dry or combination skin.

Extreme Cream: A luxurious anti-aging cream containing a synergistic anti-oxidant package, all from nature, that enhances your skin's ability to combat dryness, aging and harsh environmental conditions.

Perfect Fit Hydrator: The perfect fit for teens or those with sensitive skin. Contains regenerating copper peptides, anti-oxidant Vitamins A, B & E.

Wrinkle Recovery Moisturizer: Olive oil, squalene, hyaluronic acid, peach and vitamins are combined to help replenish dehydrated skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

Screenplay Spf 30 Sunscreen: A chemical free sun block containing micronized minerals in an oil-free tinted cream. Natural plant extracts (green coffee, green tea, grape seed) provide anti-oxidant protection while others (chamomile, cucumber, aloe, beta glucans) provide healing elements. Replenishing vitamin C and Vitamin E protect against free radical damage while natural humectants provide moisture and barrier balance. Provides invisible, non-irritating, non-oily protection.

Delicate Balance Toner: A soothing gel that acts as both a toner and hydrator containing hyaluronic acid, chamomile, elder flower, comfrey, calendula, glycerin, allantoin and vitamin c.

Oil Balance Toner: A purifying, anti-bacterial gel that soothes while removing excess oils and impurities. Cleanses pores without stripping the skin.

Eye Cream
Eye C Eye Care Cream: Includes plant extracts, emollient natural oils, anti-oxidant and corrective vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and Beta Carotene)that moisturize and protect, replenish and hydrate dry, parched skin, rhydrate, calm sensitive or inflamed skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. For extra help with dark circles, use Vital K Microgel underneath.

Bagless Eye Gel: Leave your bags behind. Peptides and cucumber help reduce bags, smooth eye contour and reduce congestion.

Bare Fruit Mask
Clean Slate Mask
Feed Your Face Mask
Saving Face Clearing Mask
Blemish Banisher Acne Treatment
End of the Line Gels
And many other products. Just ask and if it isn't in stock it can be ordered.

See for pricing information. The website is currently being updated so be sure to email me if you don't see what you want - some products may not yet be listed.


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