Friday, May 30, 2008

Body Treatments

The Decadently Sugary & Swank Sugar Scrub
This treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation process that feels like the best back scratches you’ve ever had. Next a warm exfoliating sugar and essential oil scrub is poured over and rubbed into your body. Following a warm compress removal of this mixture you’ll be misted with a soothing and hydrating spray of essential oils.

Revitalize or Harmonize
Take a pick—either way you’ll enjoy be massaged from head to toe with lovely essential oils that naturally honor what your body is craving.

TriDoshic and Swank
According to Ayurvedic medicine, which dosha are you? Vata, Pitta or Kapha. The goal is to be a balance of all three. This body treatment combines all the goodies in Sugar & Swank’s arsenal into one signature body treatment in hopes of helping you find that balance so you emerge Tridoshic and Swank.

The Woo Woo Approach
All are great alone or added to other treatments.

Get Ohm’ed
Let the therapeutic sounds of acutonics release your pent up chi and deliver the Ohm.

Head First
Fall head first into skillful hands during this exquisite scalp and ear massage.

The Scent that Suits You
Experience the beneficial properties of aromatherapy while being massaged with essential oils combined just for you.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Are the ickies in your lymph a little stuck? Do they need a push? MLD helps get things draining properly.

Paraffin Hand Dip
Hydrate and relax your hands with this warming treatment.

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