Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Great Books Email Bottle Project

I spend Wednesday mornings with a small group of kids from my son's class discussing books. One of the books we've read, More Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron, sweetly relates a a story about some kids who put messages in bottles and send them off down a river hoping they will be found by someone, somewhere in this great big world.

We decided to try this for ourselves, so today each of the kids in the group wrote a message and put it in a bottle. The messages are pretty basic and don't include any personal information. In fact, I created an email address for the finder to use to let us know they found it. It is:

Now, throwing bottles into Lake Washington or the Puget Sound clearly isn't the Greenest idea, so I came up with a more modern approach: The Great Books Email Bottle Project. The kids are hoping I'll send out an email version of a "bottled message" asking people from all over the world to write us to let us know they received it.

So please, email us at And spread the word to family and friends - especially those who live really far away. It'll be fun to see how many emails we receive and from where they're sent.


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