Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Euro Institute!

They say to do what you're passionate about and thus far, that's what Sugar & Swank has been about. But the business has been missing one key component about which I'm extremely passionate: The Spa.

When I drive into the Bellevue Galleria parking lot and inhale a refreshing whiff of calming aromatherapy oils accidentally emanating from the Gene Juarez spa I instantly relax - even if I'm just going to grab a bite to eat at The Tap House or hitting a movie at the theater upstairs. I relax because the smell is comforting. I relax because the smell means peace. I relax because I just absolutely love the spa.

Ask my son and he'll tell you that when all else fails, get Mommy a spa gift certificate. But not just any spa. I want a spa with unique treatments that nourish the skin and body. Treatments I can't get anywhere else such as the banana leaf facial I got at Esperanza's spa in Cabo. I want a spa that prides itself on customer service and actually delivers. I want a spa with luxurious decor that I can enjoy while snuggled in my fluffy robe. The thing is, I haven't yet found that perfect spa so I plan to train hard until I can open one on my own.

The first step is to study at the Euro Institute, Seattle's premiere Esthetician academy and I'm excited to announce that I was accepted to their program. I'll officially start there on November 26th and will need to complete 700 hours of intense training before graduating sometime in May or June.

No worries, Sugar & Swank will operate after 4 pm on weekdays and on the weekends so keep booking those appointments.

Please email me with any great spa experiences and suggestions you have so I can open the most fabulous spa in town!

Finally, Be Sugar & Swank and find your passion and go after your dreams!

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