Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sugar & Swank Monthly Training Seminars - June and July

Hello and Happy Summer! There are so many exciting things happening at Sugar & Swank!

Read Below To:
Get caught up on what was discussed at the First Ever Sugar & Swank Monthly Training Seminar
Learn about a Sugar & Swank discount available to you and your friends.

If you missed the June Monthly Training Seminar then you missed a ton of useful health and style information!

Summer means time spent in the sunshine. This also means a need for sunscreen. Sugar & Swank has several suggestions on how to protect your face and body from the harsh rays of the sun.

Protecting Your Face
1. Sugar & Swank Custom Blended Mineral Foundation - Not only is it blended to perfectly match the tone of your skin, not only does it last and last througout the day, but most importantly, it naturally contains a highly effective SPF of 26. You'll look flawless while protecting your face at the same time.
2. Moisture Restore Protective Lotion - This highly effective sunscreen, containing an SPF of 15, enhances skin's natural resistance to the environment and helps control oil and shine - all while keeping skin nourished and hydrated.

Protecting Your Body
Sugar & Swank recommends Sunright BodyBlock as the best sunscreen for your body. Available in either SPF 15 or 30, this water-resistant sunscreen is safe for sensitive skin and effectively protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

We naturally sweat more in the summer heat which can cause our pores to clog more easily. Sugar & Swank has the answer to keeping your skin clear.
1. Sugar & Swank carries skincare products for every type of skin
2. Sugar & Swank also carries the Galvanic Spa which goes deep into pores to clean out debris while tightening and toning the facial muscles, as well. It literally gives you a facial and a facelift at the same time.

The shift into summer means a shift into lighter, fresher make-up. Come into Sugar & Swank for a summer makeover to see what colors are being shown for the season and how to comfortably incorporate them into your look and make them your own. Remember that Sugar & Swank uses the Number 1 Rated Minerals in the mineral marketplace but prices are comparable to MAC or Stila.

Tips to Remember: Push yourself to experiment with a new make-up palette. Try sheer and luminenscent colors that make your skin glow. Less is more so apply with a light touch. Avoid deep lip colors in summer and opt instead for lighter, softer shades.

Have you noticed how many women these days, of all ages, look as though they're pregnant? Sugar & Swank wants you to know the water is safe for drinking and most of these women aren't pregnant - they are simply experimenting with one of summer's most popular looks: the roomy, loose fitting baby doll dress. While this look isn't for everyone it doesn't mean you shouldn't try some variations of it - afterall, let's face it, the style is really comfortable to wear! Choosing what to wear is easier when your closet is clean and organized. Sugar & Swank can help you get your closet into shape! Set up an appointment to either overhaul and update your closet or to get advice on how to shop for the season.

Tips to Remember:
Stay away from Empire Waists - the stitching under the breasts pulls the top in, forcing it to have to poof out over the belly. Steer clear of the really full tops, as well. Instead, choose a top that is more fitted in the arms and chest that gradually widens as it goes down. You will still have the tunic look but attention will be drawn upward to your arms and chest rather than your missing waistline. Wear these tops over leggings or jeans with flats or heels. Wedges are very popular this summer and are surprisingly comfortable. Even better, you can find a great pair at any price.

Let Sugar & Swank help you create fun, creative and chic invitations.

When hosting a BBQ remember that cooking meat at too high a temperature might get the outside charred but can leave the inside uncooked, so turn the flames down! It may take longer to cook the food but the meat has a better chance at staying juicy and tender. Using a digital food thermometer, available at most cooking stores for around $20, is the surest way to keep meat juicy and tender. This inexpensive device will instantly turn you into an amazing chef.

In addition to the classic beverage choices such as soda, beer or wine, serve your guests a yummy drink - try a peach or passion fruit juice mixed with bubbly water. Toss in some vodka, if that's your thing.

The July Sugar & Swank Training Seminar will take place on July 18th from 6 to 8 pm at the Sugar & Swank Studio on Mercer Island.

Bring a Friend and Each of You will Receive a 15% Discount on ANY Sugar & Swank Products -
This includes Make-Up, Gift Items, RevitaLash and NuSkin

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